Aditya Kumar Rana
2 min readApr 26, 2021


What is it, the entire world is facing right now?

Is it a pandemic, or the exposed improper healthcare system of all states, or bad government policies, or people’s carelessness? What is this inevitable situation that everyone is in right now?

It is everything of the above included in a big package and dropped down on mankind. Every century humanity has been facing something like this where people die like animals. The past was a time where we didn’t have technology. But why are we still not successful today when we are at the top of technological advancements. Where are the brilliant minds, ideas, techniques? Why are people still dying?

I used to watch the news where they say the number of positive cases and number of deaths in the country. The most depressing thing is when your near and dear ones are among those numbers. It is then when you realize how fortunate you are and how grateful you should be for surviving till now. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but today’s news disturbs me. Humanity is standing at a pathetic situation where there is no one to save it.

Had governments been able enough to control this, people won’t be dying. Had medicines been able to cure people, they won’t be dying. Had money been able to protect everyone, people won’t be dying. Whatsoever it is, the result is the same, people are actually dying.

Vaccines are out which are proving effective against the virus. What is important is to create that logistics to make these vaccines available to the remotest of places in the world. That’s where the nation efforts should be at this point in time. Creating routes to ensure proper logistics of vaccines, medicines and other necessary medical equipment to all nations who need them at urgent basis. Oxygen cylinders are becoming a necessity as this new strain of virus creates sudden shortage of oxygen in the body which turns out to be fatal. This situation in India is such that, the nation has to gather oxygen cylinders from wherever possible. If we compare last year’s number in India, we can easily a spike in the graph. The second wave’s number are actually double and triple that of last year. Currently the positive cases in India lie at around 3.5 lakhs per day.

I ask this question to myself sometimes, what will we give to a newborn at this current time? A deadly virus, or paid oxygen, or a covered face, or bad medical facility, or a hopeless future? This all has come down to the people now. Our safety is in our own hands, there is no government strong enough to protect us. If we are self sufficient to take care of ourselves and our surrounding, we are good to go. This is a classic example of “God Taking Full Control of Existence” !! And if God starts His justice, then there won’t be any existence to sustain.