Chandan lived with his mother in a small village called Nabrangpur. Throughout his childhood, Chandan used to be full of mischief and naughty. One of the reasons for this was that his father died when Chandan was some months old. The absence of a father has a deep impact on any child; the same happened with Chandan. His mother tried to bring him on track, but all her efforts went into vain. Hence, he slowly grew up to become more notorious with age. He never showed any interest towards education, sports or any other such activities. All he used to do everyday was waste his time on nonsense activities and not regret about that. He used to steal fruits from someone’s farm and due to this many of the villagers were frustrated of him. The poor mother had to face and listen to everyone’s curses due to her son’s deeds.

The village was located in a very remote place and the geographic condition of the village was also not very good. The village received very scarce rainfall due to which most of the crops that the people grew, got destroyed. The economic condition of the people was pathetic and no help was being provided to them by the government. After long debates and pleads, a pond was dug and connected to the village through canals and pipes. But still, scarcity of water haunted the people and their crops. The people used to perform many rituals to the rain god to impress him but there was no result.

One day, to everyone’s surprise, it started raining in that village and the people welcomed it with full of happiness. They thanked the gods and celebrated as if it was a festival. There was continuous rain and the pond got full of water; the fields were irrigated and the crops were no more waterless. But too much of everything is always bad. Everyday rains caused the village to flood. To add on to the destruction, the canal that was build by the government collapsed and water from the pond gushed into the households at an unprecedented rate. The men rushed to control the flow of water from the canal but all efforts went into vain. Due to that, many households got destroyed beyond repair. The villagers were putting in every attempt in despair only to have nothing achieved. Just then, to everyone’s surprise, Chandan came in with a huge board of wood. He put that board in front of the broken area of the canal and stood in front of it holding the board firmly. He asked everyone to put mud all over the board so that it gets sealed. But someone had to hold the board so that it doesn’t get misplaced. Chandan held the door with all his strength in front of the sheer force of the water and the other men continued to put all the mud on the board. And no one noticed that, in the process, Chandan was also getting buried in the mud. This continued till they filled the place with mud and sealed the breakage. Then the people asked Chandan to come out, but there was no reply from him. They realized that to save the entire village, Chandan sacrificed his life without thinking of any consequence. Chandan’s mother was not able to control her grief as she was all alone now in her life.

From that day onwards, the people changed the name of the village to Chandanpur, in memory of the great person who turned out to be the savior of the entire community at time of dire need.