God and/or Science

Aditya Kumar Rana
2 min readApr 1, 2021

** Disclaimer: I don’t mean to hurt any religious sentiments. Nor I am commenting anything on any specific religious belief. I believe in all religions and above all, humanity.

Does God exist? A standard question which has been asked by many people since ages. Lot of theories exist in and around this question. Lot of facts are given in support of this question. But there is no concrete evidence that God exists. The believers believe and the atheists don’t. People say that there are the scriptures, holy books, tales etc. which help us get a feel of the Omnipresent. The stories portray that Gods dwelled on the earth long time back and they left behind the culture and tradition which are being followed today. Some places have been marked especially as abode of Gods. And the people there celebrate this fact that they are related to that particular place.

Science on the other hand gives proper proofs, facts and substances for everything new discovery or innovation. According to science, there is a logical explanation for everything and nothing happens by luck. Starting from the creation of the universe to the evolution of the smallest of creatures, is all explained in science. The sole reason is that man created science and hence showed that things which occur on this planet have some explanation following that. Today’s technology has reached to such levels that man boasts to have created the God Particle.

But apart from all those logical theories and facts, can anyone answer how the Big Bang happened, how space got created and what was before all of this existed ? There is no answer because human mind hasn’t reached to that extent. Till date, our vision is limited to the diameter of the Milky Way because space ships have not been able to sail beyond that. We may have given some facts on the time-space dimension but we are yet to crack time travel.

People believe in Karma; some say it’s just coincidence. But there is nothing to prove the occurrence of such an incident. Science tells us about life till death; but there is no answer beyond death. Because to know what lies beyond that stage, one has to die. We read about mythologies, mythical creatures, tales of super beings existing long before us. What if those are just tales written by someone at some point of time ? These might be true as well, no one knows. What matters is the belief which people have and their interpretations.

Today’s generation says that spirituality and science go hand in hand. People need to follow the good facts which those scriptures tell. And not utilize the teachings as blind beliefs to alter the delicate balance of humanity. The holy books speak a huge plethora of knowledge about life and how to lead it with peace and prosperity. What matters is how we relate ourselves to those and accept into our daily lives. There is no clear differentiation between God and Science. And it is better to leave both aspects separately as unique set of variables which are powerful in their own relative dimensions.