Aditya Kumar Rana
4 min readMay 8, 2020


Amidst this devastating state of affairs, humankind is suffering from a lot of things. The worldwide lockdown scenario is taking a toll on the mindsets of people. Work from home is the new trend right now. People all around the world are forced to sit at home due to the Covid situation. The disease is spreading at such a rate that controlling it has become a difficult task. It’s more important to break the chain of infection and stop it from increasing its spread. It’s a worldwide outbreak and needs to be contained as soon as possible. I belong to India which has the second largest population after China. And interestingly, coronavirus transmits by human touch and getting in close proximity to someone affected by this virus. Hence this factor makes my country more vulnerable to this pandemic. The government is on its heels to contain this disease by shutting down operations, closing state borders, and restricting large human gatherings. But the bigger question is that, are all these measures enough?

I am sure every nation all over the world must be asking the same question. What more can we do to stop this. A vaccine would be a cure; but making it is of course taking time. Research centres are continuously working on a vaccine. The entire world has to wait to get a dose of that antidote. But till then it is important that people should follow the minimum norms of Covid prevention. They should follow personal measures to protect themselves and their families from being affected. The most important thing is not to infect anyone else if you have the disease within you. This is necessary to break the chain of spreading.

But the irony here is, the disease is such that, an infected person wouldn’t know that he has the virus within him and continue his daily work for around two weeks time. That’s the time between a person getting infected and showing symptoms of the disease. Hence these two weeks are crucial, because one doesn’t know that one is infected and in turn can infect others. This leads to spike in the infection curve.

Covid-19 isn’t confined to one nation anymore; rather it had crossed borders and become a pandemic. National operations are being carried out in a war-like scenario. Health officials including doctors, nurses and other workers are working day and night to serve and uplift public health. All this is being done towards a single goal, i.e. not to spread the infection. Everyday, many people die and a thousand cases are being discovered all around the world. The time is not to play the blame game but to unite as one community and survive these bad times. Otherwise, mankind would perish.

There’s a lot at stake here. Cities can fall, governments can collapse, chaos can creep in; it all matters how well the people all over, accept this situation. Because coronavirus is here to stay, there’s no denying in that. We have to accept the disease and add it to our existing list of diseases and infections. We are waiting for a vaccine to come so that even this disease would become a normal one like the others. We have to adjust ourselves to work alongside Covid-19 and keep ourselves safe.

Business as usual would take time to prevail again. Till then it’s important that we follow social distancing and avoiding large public gatherings. Personal protective equipments are a must in this case. The only motto right now should be to not get infected and if there are any doubts then to isolate yourself from other members of the family and wait for the check up results. There’s no shame in being affected and one shouldn’t hide it as well.

This entire situation taught us many things. We need to improve on our medical infrastructure and research facilities. We need to unite as one family and serve for the greater good. There’s no denying that there would be differences among nations on a large scale, but what matters is how well the people of one country reciprocate to the events happening in another country. We need to change our mindsets and prevent the selfish nature from creeping in. We need to help each other in desperate times. Apart from all this, it is visible that pollution levels all around the world has gone down to a large extent. Skies are getting clearer and oceans are getting cleaner. Now this should continue like this. We need to learn the fact that we need the environment, not the other way around. The Earth can survive with only insects and animals, but humans can’t survive without the Earth. Hence the environment should continue to heal as it doing right now. And for that we need to take our stand and help in the greener cause.